• The Maples Golf (map)
  • 170 Wolseley Bay Road
  • Noëlville, ON, P0M 2N0
  • Canada

Please email frenchriversnowmobiling@gmail.com or send a private msg. on our Facebook page to confirm your attendance by May 25.

Thank you to all those that bought your permits this past season and supported the FRSA. Your support in our club is greatly appreciated and helps us to continue to maintain our trails
throughout the year. A big thank you also to all those that helped volunteer with the FRSA this past season.  We received more positive feedback than ever before and the trails were as good as they were because of all the hard work of our volunteers.  Lastly, we all have to thank our Landowners. Without them there would not be any trails!!  We will be losing 2 key volunteers in June.  One is Rich Saul, our trail coordinator, as he is moving out of the area as well as Phil Hammond, our VP, who is also moving out of the area.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Rich and Phil for all that they have contributed and for the many years that Rich has run this club as President.  We are sure going to miss them but we now need to reorganize and recruit more volunteers to step up to take on lead roles within the club in order that we can successfully move forward with our plans for next season.  Without
your help, there is a good possibility that we may not be able to continue as a club. All executive positions within the club will be vacant and are open for nominations (President,
VP, Treasurer, Secretary).  We are looking for volunteers who can fill the following positions and we hope anyone interested in becoming a Chairperson will also step up as a board member, although this is not necessary to fill each position: Trail Coordinator, Grooming Coordinator, Trail Captains (5 areas within the club boundaries), Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising, Signage, Socials/Meeting, Social Media/Marketing Coordinator, Landowner Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator. The FRSA club is run by volunteers for all to enjoy and we now need more help going into the next season.  If you wish to discuss any positions of interest, you can contact us as above, and if you wish, leave us your contact information and Cathy Kazimer, President, FRSA, will give you a call, or you can speak with any board member or executive.

Please Note:  Due to the MTO agreement we have with our 2 snowmobile bridges (both bridges are on MTO land), we are mandated by the MTO to barricade the bridges when our trails are shut down.  This year we have done that as we are having no luck involving Ontario Parks, or any other partners, to share the land use agreement with MTO. Bridges are chained, with Trail Closed and No Trespassing signs.  We did not want to do this, however, we had no choice in this matter. FRSA also does not have any liability insurance coverage on these bridges when the trails are closed, except if you are a FRSA volunteer working on the bridges during the off season.  We have tried to enquire about insurance (liability) on the off season, however, to date we can’t even get a quote for these structures.

Thank you,
FRSA Board of Directors