French River Snowmobile Association Annual General Meeting Sunday, June 23, 2019

Call to Order at 3:16pm   

In attendance:

FRSA board: Cathy Kazimer - President, Andrew Rowaan – Vice President, John Kazimer - Treasurer, Marc Meilleur - Director, Bev Bratton – Secretary. 

General attendees: George Landry, Sue Landry, Rob Bertrand, Tom Smith, Fran Pilon, Luc Bisaillon, Diana Bisaillon, Michel Paquette, Justin Carriere, Bob Coyne, Bill Howe, Debbie Howe, Jim Pettigrew, Laurie Pettigrew, Yvon Comtois, Debbie Comtois.

Acceptance of Agenda

Moved by George Landry, Seconded by Marc Meilleur, Carried

Acceptance of AGM Minutes from May 29, 2018

Bev Bratton read the minutes.  

Moved by Marc Meilleur, Seconded by Jim Pettigrew. Carried.

Financial Report

John Kazimer reviewed the expense reports for the year ending March 31, 2019.  Motion to accept the Financial Report.  Moved by Bev Bratton, seconded by Andrew Rowaan. Carried.


John Kazimer and Andrew Rowaan discussed some of the areas on the trails that need work as noted below:

  • Major work needed around Highway 69 because of the ongoing road work and the impact on our C trail.

    • Key River area requires a reroute. Met with Ministry Transportation Ontario (MTO) who accepted our new location as previous location was unusable due to running water in and around the tunnel. Will need an excavator for this.

    • At the Ojibway Canyon (east side of tunnel) the groomer can’t make the necessary turn on the trail because of the reroute the MTO prepared for us. On the West side of the tunnel is a gorge that requires some fill to help the grade of the trail as there’s now a lip sticking out which is dangerous for riders trying to get up. The highway contractor may be able to help with the fill; however, we will have to hire a contractor to push the rock/fill down as the canyon trail is on Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) land. John K has applied for a work permit from MNRF, along with the one for the Key River reroute.

    • Ongoing discussions are being held with MTO and MNRF.

  • Boisvenue Road area may need stone laid in one section. Marc mentioned someone already put stone down, need to confirm.

  • Both bridges are due for inspections this year. If work is required on the one or both bridges as a result of the inspection, FRSA will need to discuss costs with the District Board to determine if we (the District) has funds to proceed with the repairs. If we don’t have the funds to repair the issue will be brought up with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). Bridges may be closed if the costs are too high, which would mean the C trail and possibly the C105D trail will be closed for the season.

  • Trail in Monetville needs to be moved in a section where an electric fence is located. The owner advised that the fence gets knocked down in the winter with the activity on the trail in the winter. Several trees need to come down, the owner advised he can move the trees once they are cut down. The Club will add orange stakes along the electric fence after the trail is moved. The section of trail should only take 1 day to move.

  • Trail by Nepewassi Lake (C213) was closed because of a beaver dam. Need to fix so the groomer operator can safely groom.


Team did a great job with the trails this year considering all the problems we had with our 2 groomers.  It was a terrible year, lots of mechanical issues and 1 or both were down constantly. Downtime was a major issue.  Discussions were held with various parties (District and OFSC) regarding our groomer issues. One solution was to have The Shop Industrial (TSI) in Sudbury check out both groomers to see what work is required.  The estimates of the service required were high. Andrew mentioned that it maybe best to fix the groomers since he has heard the new groomers have a lot of electronics in them and the repairs on them are high. Refurbished groomers are now in the fleet and is proving to be cost effective. 

 Fund Raising

We still have T-shirts, Hoodies and Caps in stock.  The past year we posted the clothing on Facebook which resulted in some sales.  We also posted the clothing on our website. Currently $1208.77 in inventory.  When we have our next meeting in the Fall, we will discuss fundraising options and if we should continue to roll out clothing sales, we could expand in colours and other types of clothing. 

 Social Media

Currently we have 1185 following us on Facebook.


Health and Safety courses are going to be rolled out to all volunteers.  This is a new initiative by OFSC for liability issues and is mandatory for all volunteers and employees.  A plan how to best implement is being worked on and details will follow prior to our trail work beginning.

 Election of Executive

President, nominations requested because Cathy Kazimer declined this position.

Andrew Rowaan was nominated by Bob Coyne, Andrew declined.

Bev Bratton was nominated by Fran Pilon, Beverly declined.

Since no one wanted the President position Cathy Kazimer advised that she stay in this position for one more year.  

Moved by Marc Meilleur, seconded by Michel Paquette, Carried         

Vice President

Andrew Rowaan will remain in this position.


Beverly Bratton will remain in this position.


John Kazimer will remain in this position.


Marc Meilleur will remain in this position

Bob Bertrand will remain in this position

 Nominations for Directors 

Fran Pilon, moved by Andrew Rowaan, seconded by Marc Meilleur, Carried

·         Fran volunteered to organize monthly meetings for the club

Michel Paquette, moved by Fran Pilon, seconded by Andrew Rowaan, Carried 

·         Michel volunteered to be on the District Trails Committee

Tom Smith, moved by Andrew Rowaan, seconded by Bob Coyne, Carried

·         Tom volunteered to handle administration duties, along with Health and Safety

Rob Bertrand, moved by George Landry, seconded by Debbie Comtois, Carried

·         Rob volunteered to handle grant applications, i.e. Trillium Fund

George Landry, moved by Marc Meilleur, seconded by Andrew Rowaan, Carried

·         George volunteered to oversee the signage on the trails


Sue Landry, Yvon and Debbie Comtois

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award was given Marc Meilleur for all his ongoing hard work on the trails and maintenance of the groomers. Thank you very much!

Old Business

Nothing to report

New Business

Cathy advised that we need to add “zero tolerance of cannabis” to our policy.  This will be added to the no alcohol, drugs, etc. wording. The new wording was handed out by Cathy for all to review.  It was agreed to add the applicable wording. Moved by Andrew Rowaan, seconded by Marc Meilleur, Carried

 Meeting Adjourned at 5:15pm

Annual General Meeting Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Call to Order 6:00 pm

In attendance: Cathy Kazimer, John Kazimer, Marc Meilleur, Philip Hammond, Bev Bratton, Rich Saul, Paul Sharp, Ken Stonely

Also attending but not executive committee: Denny Sharp (Note taker)

Acceptance of the Agenda

Moved by Philip Hammond, Seconded by Marc Meilleur, Carried

Financial Report

See Report as per John Kazimer

General Governance

Discussion of growing pains within the new system. Information to be shared with head office.

Action: 2018-2019 Executive

News from Head Office

District Manager let go. Will be hiring District Co-Ordinator. Cathy on hiring Committee.

MOTTS moving forward vote will be May 30

Bylaw OFSC – President of District = Governor


TDF funding applications

Head office to employ a Co-ordinator to handle grant applications. Club is responsible for trail evaluation, identifying projects. Must include GPS co-ordinates and photos. Send to Co-ordination to include with application.

Bridges (over French and Pickerel Rivers): Currently chained in the off season due to no insurance. MTO concerned over status of insurance. Work on the bridges passing to district then OFSC.

Groomers and Operators

Grooming went well. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who gave so generously of their time and effort. Some concerns over our aging groomers, plan to advocate for newer machines if possible. No known major mechanical problems to address, but aging groomers could present possible budget issues going forward.

Fund Raising:

Currently $2,500.00 in inventory. 20 hats were distributed to volunteers for safety seminar.

Social Media

No report


Went well, 20+ volunteers attended. Good turnout


District to be dividing up inventory of signage throughout the clubs. We need to make our requests. Going forward each club will be responsible for acquiring their own signage by way of the budget process.



Nomination: Cathy Kazimer nominated by Rich Saul

Ken Stonely nominated by Paul Sharp – Declined

Marc Meilleur nominated by Cathy Kazimer - Declined

No further Nominations. Nominations Closed

Cathy Kazimer acclaimed as President

Vice President

Nomination: Andrew Rowan nominated by Cathy Kazimer

No further nominations. Nominations Closed

Andrew Rowan acclaimed as Vice President


Nomination: Renee Carrier nominated by Cathy Kazimer

No further Nominations. Nominations closed.

Renee Carrier acclaimed as Secretary


Nomination: John Kazimer nominated by Ken Stonely

No further Nominations. Nominations closed.

John Kazimer acclaimed as Treasurer

Thank you to all those who stepped up for Executive Committee positions

Nominations for Directors open

Bob Bertrand nominated by Cathy Kazimer

Bev Bratton nominated by Denny Sharp

Marc Meilleur nominated by Paul Sharp

Jennifer La Casse nominated by Bev Bratton

Denny Sharp nominated by Cathy Kazimer

Justin Carrier nominated by John Kazimer

Paul Sharp nominated by Cathy Kazimer

All accepted positions.

Portfolios to be assigned at next meeting.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award was given jointedly to Cathy and John Kazimer for their exceptional work ethic and commitment that has guided the club through the new governance model. Thank you very much!

October 2017 Newsletter

It’s that time of year again where we are about to kick off the 2017/18 snowmobile season and
planning has begun. Just to recap some information since our AGM in June, I am excited to
welcome our Board of Directors and Officers. Our Executive Officers are:
Cathy Kazimer, President
Phil Hammond, Vice President
Trista Verbiwski, Secretary
Samantha Lindsay, Treasurer (volunteer coordinator)

Our Directors are as follows:
Rich Saul (grooming coordinator and trails coordinator)
Marc Meilleur (grooming operator coordinator)
John Kazimer
Vince Roy (Social Media)
Bev Bratton (Fundraising/Clothing)
Sandy Smockum (facility coordinator)
Paul Sharp
Bob Coyne

As you may have heard, or read in our AGM Minutes (you can view it on our website), we will
not be having our skidoo raffle this year. Our major fundraiser this season will be the selling of
clothing with the FRSA logo on them. (caps, tshirts, hoodies, full zip hoodies to begin with).
Bev Bratton has offered to chair this fundraiser, however, to make this a success we do need
more volunteers. We need people for inventory control, deliver items to various store locations,
attend special events representing our club, etc. We will sell online, at various events and in
selected stores throughout the area. Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook page and on
our website.
Speaking of volunteers, we will be holding a members’ social on Oct. 19. October’s
meeting/social will be at the Monetville Tavern on Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. We should have received
our first shipment of apparel which will be for sale at the social. To make a club successful is all
to do with their volunteers. We have been fortunate to see a few more people out but we still
require more. We need people for our fundraising, social event planning, special events,
brushing, trail maintenance, grooming, administration, to name a few areas. We hope to see
you there! If you can volunteer for anything, even only for a couple of hours, please email us
back at with your contact information and someone will be
in touch with you.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all our last year’s members. Our success in
maintaining our trails depend on your permit purchases as without your support it would be
impossible to open and maintain our trails. We would like to remind everyone that OFSC
permits are now available at a 30% discount until Nov. 1. Permits can only be purchased online
and we thank you in advance for supporting the French River Snow Devils (on the OFSC website) which is the French River Snowmobile Assoc. Information and permit purchases can
be made at the following link:
Thank you and we hope to see everyone out at the Monetville Tavern Thurs. Oct. 19!!

Cathy Kazimer,


Fran's Fun Run

Thank you to all our sponsors for this years' Fun Run, it was a great success. We managed to raise just under $1000.00. Here's a list of all our sponsors:


Monetville Tavern and Lodge

Don from Monetville Tavern

Noëlville Restaurant Tattoo's

The Fashion Store

Noëlville Pharmacy

Mayers Esso

Beer Store

Dollars N Sense

Big Nickel

Caisse Populaire Noëlville


64 Auto parts

Home Hardware

Noëlville Foodland

Nadon Lumber

Noëlville Rental & Sales

Linda NadonHairdresser

Municipality of French River

Day N Nite Towing

Marine Tech

Top End Marine

Séguin Lumber

Beauséjour Hotel 7 Restaurant

B Thomas Bulldozing

Caisse Populaire Alban

Norazanski North Realty Inc

Maples Golf Course

Hawkeye Pedershaab Iowa   Vern Cameron

Gagné Power Sports

Pembroke Napa Auto Parts Jim Pilon Norm Carriere

French River Inn

Owls Nest


The Shop Industrial

Mid City Motor Sports

Claire McMartinhair stylist

Options Security

Prescision Power Sports

ountryside Restaurant

Steve Smokem

February Newsletter

We hope everyone has had a chance to get out on our trails in the past week or so and you are enjoying them.  While it was  a slow start, and the weather was not cooperating, with the perseverance of our trail volunteers we were able to maintain what packed trails we had prior to all the warm weather and rain.  Because of this, the base remained and with the request sent out for everyone to do a snow dance, the sky opened up a couple of weeks ago and the white gold fell, and it’s been fantastic ever since.  


Last call for those wanting raffle tickets!!  Our draw is being held  this Sunday, Feb. 19 at 4:00. We want to thank all of you that have helped sell tickets for us and for those that have already purchased tickets. 

To obtain raffle tickets, we need your name that you want on the ticket, address, and phone number.  Tickets are $10 each and payment can be either by email transfer or you can use a credit card.  If you wish you can give me a call at your convenience if using a credit card and you do not wish to include that information in an email.  If using credit card, your charges will show up as Owl's Nest Lodge as they do our processing of these transactions.  If you wish to do an email transfer, that can be sent to our VP, John Kazimer, at .  You can use the password FRSA to make it easy.


A photo of your tickets with numbers will then be emailed to you. (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR LIST OF PRIZES)





Our Fun Run will be held this coming Sunday of the Family Day Weekend.  Please pass on to your neighbours and friends that this is a free snowmobiling weekend on all OFSC trails. They will need a trail pass, and can obtain a free one for each sled by going to to obtain their no cost trail permit. .  I have attached the flyer with all the information you need about the Run and activities happening at the Maples Golf Course after the Run. Food and drinks will be available at Maples Golf Course.


We want to thank Fran Pilon, the organizer of this event, in advance for all her work in putting this all together.  She has done an excellent job in obtaining some great prizes and making it a fun event for everyone. 




What can I say about our trails, except they are AWESOME!!  As you all know it sure was a struggle due to the weather and conditions up until a couple of weeks ago.   While there were a few whiners, for the most part everyone was understanding and we certainly appreciated your patience.  We are now all green except for the D104 from Monetville to Warren Bay which will stay closed for the season.  We are looking at a reroute of this trail as we have spent many years fighting the beavers, and the beavers finally won.  We will keep you posted on the development of this trail. 


I would like to thank all the volunteers that put in many back breaking hours brushing, clearing and prepping our trails for everyone’s enjoyment.  I think you’ll join me in wanting to thank all the groomer operators for a job well done in maintaining our trails and appreciate their very long days.  Speaking of operators, please remember to stay on your side of the trail and slow down, especially on corners.  We are hearing of too many near collisions between sled and groomer.  


Please stay on the trails when you are riding.  There have been numerous instances and complaints, thankfully not so much around here, where the riders see the nice powder snow in the farmers’ fields and decide to go off trail and ride the powder.  Under that powder is someone’s livelihood and  we have heard that it has destroyed crops.  Our landowners have been very generous in allowing the trail to go onto their property and we just ask that you show some respect towards each landowner and stay on the groomed trail wherever you ride.


Other News


We have a new website up and running. which if you haven’t checked it out yet, you may enjoy looking at.  We will be adding in more information as we go, but this is a great start and want to thank Vince Roy for creating our new webpage.  You can view it by going to .  


Our Facebook page has been well received and we do use both Facebook and the Website to keep you current as to upcoming events, meetings, socials, etc. so make sure you like us on Facebook, or check in on the website regularly to keep up to date on everything happening within our club and trails.


Thank you to all our members for supporting the FRSA. 


Cathy Kazimer, President