It’s that time of year again where we are about to kick off the 2017/18 snowmobile season and
planning has begun. Just to recap some information since our AGM in June, I am excited to
welcome our Board of Directors and Officers. Our Executive Officers are:
Cathy Kazimer, President
Phil Hammond, Vice President
Trista Verbiwski, Secretary
Samantha Lindsay, Treasurer (volunteer coordinator)

Our Directors are as follows:
Rich Saul (grooming coordinator and trails coordinator)
Marc Meilleur (grooming operator coordinator)
John Kazimer
Vince Roy (Social Media)
Bev Bratton (Fundraising/Clothing)
Sandy Smockum (facility coordinator)
Paul Sharp
Bob Coyne

As you may have heard, or read in our AGM Minutes (you can view it on our website), we will
not be having our skidoo raffle this year. Our major fundraiser this season will be the selling of
clothing with the FRSA logo on them. (caps, tshirts, hoodies, full zip hoodies to begin with).
Bev Bratton has offered to chair this fundraiser, however, to make this a success we do need
more volunteers. We need people for inventory control, deliver items to various store locations,
attend special events representing our club, etc. We will sell online, at various events and in
selected stores throughout the area. Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook page and on
our website.
Speaking of volunteers, we will be holding a members’ social on Oct. 19. October’s
meeting/social will be at the Monetville Tavern on Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. We should have received
our first shipment of apparel which will be for sale at the social. To make a club successful is all
to do with their volunteers. We have been fortunate to see a few more people out but we still
require more. We need people for our fundraising, social event planning, special events,
brushing, trail maintenance, grooming, administration, to name a few areas. We hope to see
you there! If you can volunteer for anything, even only for a couple of hours, please email us
back at with your contact information and someone will be
in touch with you.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all our last year’s members. Our success in
maintaining our trails depend on your permit purchases as without your support it would be
impossible to open and maintain our trails. We would like to remind everyone that OFSC
permits are now available at a 30% discount until Nov. 1. Permits can only be purchased online
and we thank you in advance for supporting the French River Snow Devils (on the OFSC website) which is the French River Snowmobile Assoc. Information and permit purchases can
be made at the following link:
Thank you and we hope to see everyone out at the Monetville Tavern Thurs. Oct. 19!!

Cathy Kazimer,