We hope everyone has had a chance to get out on our trails in the past week or so and you are enjoying them.  While it was  a slow start, and the weather was not cooperating, with the perseverance of our trail volunteers we were able to maintain what packed trails we had prior to all the warm weather and rain.  Because of this, the base remained and with the request sent out for everyone to do a snow dance, the sky opened up a couple of weeks ago and the white gold fell, and it’s been fantastic ever since.  


Last call for those wanting raffle tickets!!  Our draw is being held  this Sunday, Feb. 19 at 4:00. We want to thank all of you that have helped sell tickets for us and for those that have already purchased tickets. 

To obtain raffle tickets, we need your name that you want on the ticket, address, and phone number.  Tickets are $10 each and payment can be either by email transfer or you can use a credit card.  If you wish you can give me a call at your convenience if using a credit card and you do not wish to include that information in an email.  If using credit card, your charges will show up as Owl's Nest Lodge as they do our processing of these transactions.  If you wish to do an email transfer, that can be sent to our VP, John Kazimer, at jfkazimer@gmail.com .  You can use the password FRSA to make it easy.


A photo of your tickets with numbers will then be emailed to you. (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR LIST OF PRIZES)





Our Fun Run will be held this coming Sunday of the Family Day Weekend.  Please pass on to your neighbours and friends that this is a free snowmobiling weekend on all OFSC trails. They will need a trail pass, and can obtain a free one for each sled by going to www.ofsc.ca to obtain their no cost trail permit. .  I have attached the flyer with all the information you need about the Run and activities happening at the Maples Golf Course after the Run. Food and drinks will be available at Maples Golf Course.


We want to thank Fran Pilon, the organizer of this event, in advance for all her work in putting this all together.  She has done an excellent job in obtaining some great prizes and making it a fun event for everyone. 




What can I say about our trails, except they are AWESOME!!  As you all know it sure was a struggle due to the weather and conditions up until a couple of weeks ago.   While there were a few whiners, for the most part everyone was understanding and we certainly appreciated your patience.  We are now all green except for the D104 from Monetville to Warren Bay which will stay closed for the season.  We are looking at a reroute of this trail as we have spent many years fighting the beavers, and the beavers finally won.  We will keep you posted on the development of this trail. 


I would like to thank all the volunteers that put in many back breaking hours brushing, clearing and prepping our trails for everyone’s enjoyment.  I think you’ll join me in wanting to thank all the groomer operators for a job well done in maintaining our trails and appreciate their very long days.  Speaking of operators, please remember to stay on your side of the trail and slow down, especially on corners.  We are hearing of too many near collisions between sled and groomer.  


Please stay on the trails when you are riding.  There have been numerous instances and complaints, thankfully not so much around here, where the riders see the nice powder snow in the farmers’ fields and decide to go off trail and ride the powder.  Under that powder is someone’s livelihood and  we have heard that it has destroyed crops.  Our landowners have been very generous in allowing the trail to go onto their property and we just ask that you show some respect towards each landowner and stay on the groomed trail wherever you ride.


Other News


We have a new website up and running. which if you haven’t checked it out yet, you may enjoy looking at.  We will be adding in more information as we go, but this is a great start and want to thank Vince Roy for creating our new webpage.  You can view it by going to www.frenchsnowmobiling.com .  


Our Facebook page has been well received and we do use both Facebook and the Website to keep you current as to upcoming events, meetings, socials, etc. so make sure you like us on Facebook, or check in on the website regularly to keep up to date on everything happening within our club and trails.


Thank you to all our members for supporting the FRSA. 


Cathy Kazimer, President