Call to Order 6:00 pm

In attendance: Cathy Kazimer, John Kazimer, Marc Meilleur, Philip Hammond, Bev Bratton, Rich Saul, Paul Sharp, Ken Stonely

Also attending but not executive committee: Denny Sharp (Note taker)

Acceptance of the Agenda

Moved by Philip Hammond, Seconded by Marc Meilleur, Carried

Financial Report

See Report as per John Kazimer

General Governance

Discussion of growing pains within the new system. Information to be shared with head office.

Action: 2018-2019 Executive

News from Head Office

District Manager let go. Will be hiring District Co-Ordinator. Cathy on hiring Committee.

MOTTS moving forward vote will be May 30

Bylaw OFSC – President of District = Governor


TDF funding applications

Head office to employ a Co-ordinator to handle grant applications. Club is responsible for trail evaluation, identifying projects. Must include GPS co-ordinates and photos. Send to Co-ordination to include with application.

Bridges (over French and Pickerel Rivers): Currently chained in the off season due to no insurance. MTO concerned over status of insurance. Work on the bridges passing to district then OFSC.

Groomers and Operators

Grooming went well. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who gave so generously of their time and effort. Some concerns over our aging groomers, plan to advocate for newer machines if possible. No known major mechanical problems to address, but aging groomers could present possible budget issues going forward.

Fund Raising:

Currently $2,500.00 in inventory. 20 hats were distributed to volunteers for safety seminar.

Social Media

No report


Went well, 20+ volunteers attended. Good turnout


District to be dividing up inventory of signage throughout the clubs. We need to make our requests. Going forward each club will be responsible for acquiring their own signage by way of the budget process.



Nomination: Cathy Kazimer nominated by Rich Saul

Ken Stonely nominated by Paul Sharp – Declined

Marc Meilleur nominated by Cathy Kazimer - Declined

No further Nominations. Nominations Closed

Cathy Kazimer acclaimed as President

Vice President

Nomination: Andrew Rowan nominated by Cathy Kazimer

No further nominations. Nominations Closed

Andrew Rowan acclaimed as Vice President


Nomination: Renee Carrier nominated by Cathy Kazimer

No further Nominations. Nominations closed.

Renee Carrier acclaimed as Secretary


Nomination: John Kazimer nominated by Ken Stonely

No further Nominations. Nominations closed.

John Kazimer acclaimed as Treasurer

Thank you to all those who stepped up for Executive Committee positions

Nominations for Directors open

Bob Bertrand nominated by Cathy Kazimer

Bev Bratton nominated by Denny Sharp

Marc Meilleur nominated by Paul Sharp

Jennifer La Casse nominated by Bev Bratton

Denny Sharp nominated by Cathy Kazimer

Justin Carrier nominated by John Kazimer

Paul Sharp nominated by Cathy Kazimer

All accepted positions.

Portfolios to be assigned at next meeting.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award was given jointedly to Cathy and John Kazimer for their exceptional work ethic and commitment that has guided the club through the new governance model. Thank you very much!